Authority Over Instability

From the beginning my testimony will probably sound very similar to others. I come from a broken family. My father and mother were separated when I was a little girl. Daddy rarely came around and my mother spent a lot of time away from home working to provide for the children and in the midst of this confusion I was molested by someone very close to me. This is where my life began to take on it’s downward spiral. Certainly as I look back over my life, I can see this is where hardness began to take root in my heart and the spirit of rebellion took rule over me.

Venturing forward a few years in my life, I got married to a man who introduced me to the drug life. For those of you familiar with this spirit, you know it does not travel alone, but invites many other spirits along with it. In 1984, I moved myself and children to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Indianapolis in 1997.

To support my drug habit I had become a thief, and in 1999, began my revolving relationship with the judicial system. It was also at this time the Lord began to really pull on me. I was facing eight years in prison but by the grace of God, the judge showed me mercy. He suspended four years off my sentence and placed me on home detention for six months and gave me 18 months probation. Because I could not see it was the goodness of God working in my life I was ungrateful, murmured and complained every time it was time to pay what was due to the courts.

Three days after the sentence, I was arrested again for not following the laws of the state of Indiana. Again I was facing eight years in prison, and with my previous record it did not look good. But GOD!!! The judge again suspended four years of my sentence and placed me on two years home detention and one year of probation. In the midst of all of this self-inflicted turmoil, I took a dirty drop and as a result was forced to go to NA meetings three times a week. I had to pay more money and I could not have anymore violations.

God’s mercy showed up once again. He blessed me to do 10 months home detention and placed me on daily reporting. This allowed me to have a little more freedom, but I was still under submission to the authority of the judicial system. I came and went only when they told me to. I went to church when it was permitted.

About this time God led me to a church where the Spirit of the Lord was. I was separated from my husband and

I was angry. I had a very angry daughter and I was still involved in a three-year long homosexual relationship. Here is where God began to deal more sternly with me. I began to hear His voice a little more clearly and a little more often, but I was still in a constant tug-of-war with my flesh and my spirit. Yet, I heard God clearly tell me, “You need authority over instability in your life.”

At this point in my life, I had no hope for where my life could end up. I was torn up from the way I had chosen to live my life. Little did I know that my deliverance was very near.

One day while in service, the pastor ministered to me and my daughter. From that very moment, I came to know someone cares about my life, who I really was, where I had been, and where God was trying to take me. God began a very intense work in me. He placed the church on a 21 day fast that changed my life. During this fast we had to deny ourselves anything pleasurable to our flesh. It was during this fast that God broke the spirit of homosexual tendencies off my life. Glory to God!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! This, in turn, eliminated any contact I had had with my homosexual lover. I was finally beginning to see the goodness of the Lord in my life and the benefits of being obedient to the leadership God placed in my life. So, I continued to do as my leader suggested I do.

In being obedient to the leaders, even though I did not understand it, I have seen God deliver me from the ungodly spirits attached to my life. I have, and I am witnessing, God cleansing my heart from all the hurt and pain of my childhood. God has filled my heart with the fruit of his spirit and I was able to forgive those who I believe caused all the misery in my life. I have been totally set free from drugs and the judicial system. Today I stand for God, and stand behind my leaders as a true woman of God, delivered from the bondage that the enemy thought he held on me.

To God be the glory for all you have done in my life, forever and ever.


#Divorce #BrokenFamily #DrugHabbit #Godsmercy #homosexuality

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