Some people go to college to get lost in seeing the world, partying and just having fun. Others, begin to feel the importance of getting their lives connected to something bigger than themselves. Still others, begin to finally realize that they need something in their lives; they need God. We have been blessed to meet a lot of students on the campus of IUPUI who just need God.

God has truly blessed on IUPUI's campus! The PRESS club has begun ministering on campus with weekly Bible studies, services, and events. Two have been baptized in Jesus' name so far and one has been filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. We are excited as the club's attendance grows about the number of students hearing, receiving, and believing God's word and drawing closer to Him. God is up to something and IUPUI PRESS club looks forward to following Him and being a part of His move.

#IUPUI #HolyGhost #Baptism

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