Forgiveness? How's That Possible?

Dear Believer,

How can I forgive? How can I let go of the pain someone has caused me? How can I be healed? Like most rhetorical questions, the answer lies within the question: forgiveness, letting go, and healing. But the true question many of us ask is not how to forgive but why? After all the pain they put me through, after every tear that fell from my face, after every piece of my heart shattered… why?

This is a harder question to answer because as humans we are naturally quick to judge and formulate our own opinions. A custom that has been engraved in our race since the biblical days. We even grew to believe that one day the lord will judge us for our sins. So why forgive? Why should I have to submit myself to the one who should be submitting to me? This answer lies within a much deeper root of the question. The answer is one many of us overlook because of the demanding nature of the request.

To submit oneself in order to cast out pride and to humble oneself in order to see the needs of another. This is the root of forgiveness. The reason forgiveness is so difficult is because it requires the exact opposite most are willing to give. It’s easy to be the boot above the ant but it’s hard to be the ant under the boot. Meaning, it’s easy to judge and condemn someone but it’s hard to be the one who submits. The world will try to tell you that submission is a sign of weakness, but in reality, submission is a sign of great power wielded by only the mightiest of us. Having the ability to let go of the past and look towards the future is a power most do not possess. It requires meekness and submissive ideology which plays a major role in the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t come from a heart seeking approbation but a heart seeking peace and tranquillity. To forgive means to wipe the slate clean leaving no remnants of bitterness.

Biblically, forgiveness means to lift up or to bear, meaning that the one who is in strife lifts his pain and bitterness high above himself and carries it through the iniquity. An example would be Jesus Christ himself. We see in Acts 3:17 that when Jesus walked to his own crucifixion he carried a cross that bore the transgressions of the entire world. He nailed himself to it thus forgiving the world for our sins and allowing us to find peace. Every soul that dwells within the world to this day was born in sin. We all have sinned against Christ since we left our mother’s womb, therefore we all seek forgiveness from Christ. Who are we to deny peace to anyone who has wronged us, but seek forgiveness from the one who died for our sins against him?

Pride is the element of our demise because it is a power that we do not deserve to possess. It is the reason that forgiveness is but a myth to some and an impossibility for others. Christ himself humbled before the world when he should have smitten us like the ants we are. But he submitted himself to us and lifted up the cross bearing every sin of the world in order to see the needs of the world. How do you forgive? Let pride drain from your hearts, and humbleness fill your soul. Lift up your pain & anger to Christ and he’ll help you bear it. Seek peace instead of prosperity. Let love reign, and hate dissipate into the wind.

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