It’s My Fault We Can’t Talk

Imagine this: Your life is going great. Your family is always laughing and smiling. Your money is great. You have everything you’ve ever wanted, and your relationship with God is fantastic. What more could be out there?

But consider this scenario as well: Your family isn’t doing so hot right now. Your finances? In the gutter. You can barely afford to buy food, so why would you spend it on that new pair of shoes? Your relationship with God is a little rocky now that this has all happened. You believe you might have lost faith in your situation. You cry out “Why Lord? This must be my fault!” And after all you’ve done, why would he answer anyways?

Lots of people think that there’s nobody out there that will listen or care for them, because of what has happened to them, or what they’ve done. People expect there to be scrutiny at every turn, even when some people may not even know what’s going on! That might happen from man, but God? He loves us unconditionally, and he’s always listening, so why would he not be able to hear you? Just because you did something, does not mean that God becomes deaf and mute when we’re calling out for help.

Isaiah 59:1 reads, “Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.” This passage speaks of how some people think God is limited by their sin, and limited by their situation. Having a shortened hand means that he cannot reach us, and he cannot get us in his grasp. No matter where you’re at, God can reach you and pull you right out of where you are in your life. God doesn’t adhere to your non-existent rules about how you messed up a few times, and now he’ll abandon you.

Think of your best friend. Your best friend wants the best (or what they think is) the best for you. Your best friend loves you, and sticks with you through all things, good or bad. So what happens when you mess up? What happens when you’re falling and you can’t get up? Your best friend should be the one helping you up. If you offend them, you should be able to have a conversation with them and work it out. You don’t think “Well, my friend is shorter than me, so they probably can’t help me up.” Or “Man, I hurt their feelings! Time to pack up and leave our friendship. This is a bad situation, and they probably want to cast me away.” If they are truly your friend, they should want to help you out and have a relationship with you, no matter what!

This is the same concept with God. God wants the best for you, and he wants to help you. He isn’t limited by what you think he can’t get to. He is always listening. He is always there when you need him. Even if you did do it, even if it is your fault, God loves you despite your mistakes.

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